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How waterfalls are healing to the body


In cities, our bodies are continually bombarded by electromagnetic fields. High energy electromagnetic waves carry so much energy they can literally break bonds between molecules. Detrimental affects include cellular and chromosomal damage, increases in cancer epidemiology, among other problematic health concerns. Electromagnetic radiation generates positive ions, which are carbon dioxide molecules stripped of an electron. Pollution and electronic devices emit these ions. Positive ions are harmful to the body due to their oxidising effect, but can be diffused and rendered harmless by antioxidising negative ions, which nature provides in abundance. 

The highest concentrations of negative ions exist in natural, clean air, most abundant in environments, such as dense forests, mountains, waterfalls and beaches. Researchers have found exposure to positive ions for two hours increases anxiety and stress levels, but is similiarily reversed by the same level of exposure to negative ions. Negative ions have been found to notably enhance immune function, revitalise cellular metabolism, purify the blood and calm the nervous system. 

Why do we like the beach so much or being around water? Crashing water — from waves or a waterfall — generate immense negative ion generation, which is why it feels so rejuvenating when we visit these places.