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C2TS Coaching Programs - New for 2020

I am currently offering two levels of programs for 2020:


Level 1 C2TS: Overcoming Self Sabotage and Transitioning Back to Exceptional Level Health and an Active Life


This program is designed to help transition you toward a more active and healthful life with a positive future.

The health-focused interventions are designed for:

1.    Anyone suffering a health crisis, poor health or wants to be healthier;
2.    Sedentary people who want to be more active;
3.    Anyone with an unhealthy relationship with food or other poor habits or addictions;
4.    People who struggle to organise their time and prioritise health;
5.    People who are constantly injured or in pain and want to transition to pain-free activity.

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Level 2 C2TS: Performance Coaching


Couch to the Summit Performance Coaching is an advanced fitness training program designed for individuals who want to perform at an optimum level, tailored to your specific priorities, goals and level of fitness. The goal will be to not only increase your cardiovascular fitness, but also your health and functional strength across multiple elements. A stronger and healthier athlete will always outperform a weaker and less healthy one.

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