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C2TS Coaching Level One: Overcoming Self Sabotage and Transitioning Back to Exceptional Health and an Active Life


Not everyone wants to be an elite athlete. Not all elite athletes have exceptional health, and many people with exceptional health are not elite athletes. However, there are no exceptionally healthy people who are unfit. There are no exceptionally healthy people who don’t make movement in their life a priority. If you don’t use it, you will lose it! – Couch to the Summit

This program is designed to help transition you toward a more active and healthful life with a positive future. The health-focused interventions are designed for:

1.    Anyone suffering a health crisis, poor health or wants to be healthier;
2.    Sedentary people who want to be more active;
3.    Anyone with an unhealthy relationship with food or other poor habits or addictions;
4.    People who struggle to organise their time and prioritise health;
5.    People who are constantly injured or in pain and want to transition to pain-free activity.

I have invested 15 years of effort into developing this program and I truly believe in its ability to make a massive transformational experience in anyone's life. You can try moving forward in health under your steam, but it is sometimes hard to see the “forest from the trees” in yourself, especially when you are personally invested in the outcome. This is why a coach is so valuable because of greater personal accountability. Let me save you some of the trouble by expediting the process of health change for you. Being coached is also an opportunity to learn new approaches to life in ways you may never have considered. You still retain full power over what you choose to do, but with the ability to make more informed choices from the new knowledge and processes you learn.




Do you ever feel like you can never get ahead of the health and fitness game?

We have all experienced the desire of “someday”, “I want to” or “I hope to” when it comes to following through with our health and fitness goals. However, you must go past desire to taking action; and the action you take must have a purpose, not just something you decide each day on a whim. In order to take action, you must be working toward both a vision, and a plan that is written down with daily steps you take without having to think too deeply about what you should be doing to improve your health and fitness. The steps you take must not overwhelm you and they must be small enough that you will be willing to do them without too much mental resistance.

Finding your health vision and developing a plan to reach it is what this program is designed to do. At first, you will be given questionnaires to answer and then plans to follow. However, the coaching process also helps educate you, so you learn the skills on how to develop your own plans in the future one day without the aid of a coach. Think of what you are signing up for as a training course along with a coaching program. I hold your hand at first, so one day you can walk the path yourself in full confidence.

I decided to offer coaching—and not just a generic a “one-size fits all” program—because the complexity of the human body, and the innate differences between people, makes implementing an effective plan a big challenge. A generic plan will always state to do “thing A” and receive the “outcome B,” but this won’t always be the case for every person. Blind adherence to a generic plan may result in inferior results and potential setbacks that could otherwise be avoided. A good coach takes into consideration your background, goals, state of health, time constraints and other factors to craft a tailored plan giving you the greatest chance for success. I continually adjust what we do based on how well you are responding to the process and also to navigate any setbacks or challenges that may unexpectedly arise. 

In the long run, you hit only what you aim at, so aim high - Thoreau

Everyone is an athlete-by-design no matter how far that might presently feel from you now. We are primal beings living in a modern world. Human physiology hasn’t changed for thousands of years, but what has changed is how we have chosen to live. We have regressed in physical strength and stature, and so many people are functioning at a much lower capacity than they are inherently capable of. You have been gifted with a body that is the ultimate tool for movement. Life is animation and movement; we are not designed to be sedentary and most people only walk to get to their next sitting position. Are you going to make the choice to use your body to its full capability? You have an athletic body - and if you don't think that, then you will need to work on changing your self-limiting perception. And don't let me hear you say you are too old. If you are breathing you are not too old to get healthier and fitter. 

I now ask you to ponder these two questions: 

1.    Do you know what you’re really truly capable of? 

2.    What would you accomplish if you unlocked everything you have within you and aimed it toward a dedicated and consistent focus on one area of your life over six-months? What about one year, three years or five? 

If you want better health you need to be actively and deliberately working toward it over a long period of time. It is not something you can instantly achieve overnight, there are no short-cuts, or “30-days to amazing health” clichés here. I have deliberately created this program with the long-term perspective in mind and to build a habit of consistent focus on health based choices.

In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins—not through strength, but through persistence.

I believe five-years is the average period where most people in poor health and/or poor fitness can make a complete transformation to a new person that makes other people think, “Wow – how did you achieve that!?” For some people it might be shorter, for others longer. But that’s ok. 5 years might seem really far away, but life can also fly-by quicker than you realise. In 5 years you will be healthier, the same, or worse than your present day level of health, so what do you want it to be? 

The vast majority of people today can’t accomplish any long-term goal, because they are more seduced by short-term (and short-sighted) ambitions...don’t be one of them. This why the proverb “patience is a virtue” exists. It means being able to tolerate something that lasts a long-time. Making positive health changes are not something you have to tolerate though; I aim to help you find changes you can be truly excited about and don't make your life lacking in fun. With greater health your like becomes the opposite of dull, you can do a whole lot more and really enjoy life to its fullest. 

I believe 6-12 months is a short enough amount of time to learn how to successfully transition toward this healthier and fitter version of yourself under the guidance of an experienced coach. My recommendation is to work with me for 12 months or more, but the choice is in your hands. Get started and see if you find value in the process.


The Plague of Self-Sabotage


Argue for your limitations and sure enough, they’re yours. - Richard Bach, Author of “Illusions”

Many people think they are healthy when they are not suffering or diagnosed with a specific affliction. They think they can continue a bad habit because so far they have not suffered any meaningful consequences. However, health is not merely the absence of illness. Most people are not healthy in the truest sense, they exist in an intermediary stage of health, which is neither health, nor illness. Unfortunately, it will only be a matter of time before one transitions toward the illness category. For many people, this is a slow decay and decline, for others it can come with a rude awakening. One day you have something you have taken for granted your whole life—your health—then the next day it’s in jeopardy.

Intermediary basically means temporary in this situation. Unless you are actively working on a plan to jump up out of the intermediary zone, you will inevitably be sucked down the drain into poor health. The reason this happens is a longer story, but a large part of the reason stems from social conditioning. Often making positive health changes are hard because it goes against the grain of what your family and friends do. We all want to feel we belong; we all want to have fun in our social lives. A happy social and family life is something you don’t necessarily have to give up, you just need the confidence to stand up for yourself. Most people will still respect you when you have the courage in your own convictions, even if they don’t agree with the changes you are making. 

Making a change is well worth it. Without good health, you aren’t going to be capable enough to give life everything you’ve got. Eventually you’ll be forced to spend time dealing with your health issues, you will become less productive and meet less of your goals. You will then have to change the whole future vision for your life, even cancel some or all of your dreams. This is the sad, but all too common fate for many people. 

Some people will then rely on doctors to save them, doctors who don’t really have any significant idea of what health actually is. Unfortunately, many doctors have little idea what a truly healthy person is and isn’t, because its just not researched or documented well enough. It’s not something they spend much time studying for. Illnesses are studied, but the truly healthy person is not the object of medical research. This is somewhat understandable because the medical world is focused on making sick people well enough to simply stay out of hospital or the doctor’s office. Once you are out the door, you still have to figure it out for yourself.

Everywhere people turn for help in the world of health, diet and exercise is a sea of conflicting and contradicting information; it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Health information in 2019 is total chaos. We’ve never had more information at our fingertips, but often it doesn’t help us, it actually makes us more anxious and confused. Feeling overwhelmed just makes us give up and this is where we fall victim to sedentary lifestyles and social conditioning.

Sedentary lifestyles and rituals of self-sabotage are a common factor in the lives of those in the intermediary stage of health. Self-sabotage is any behaviour where you destroy your own potential for a healthy vibrant future without understanding why you are doing it. Self-sabotage manifests in poor health, poor fitness, poor habits, procrastination, addictions, mental and emotional chaos. Examples of standard saboteur behaviour:

1. Joins a gym but rarely or never goes.
2. Overweight but keeps eating unhealthily.
3. Has no energy, but consumes substances like junk food, white sugar and coffee that slowly rob energy from the body.
4. Says “I have no time” but finds time to watch TV.
5. Wants to de-stress outside of work but regularly chooses recreational activities stressful to the body.
5. Wants a better future, but does not create and action a plan for a better future.


A chronic self-saboteur is stuck on the hamster wheel of constantly trying and failing, with little upward progression in improving their life. You may have experienced starting different types of interventions, like dieting, a new exercise program, signing up to a gym or workout class, trying to introduce relaxation activities, and so forth…but the saboteur invariably ends right back where they started weeks, months or years later. It is a kind of life of 1 step-forward and 1-2 steps back.

A self-saboteur often has unstable energy levels and is often trying to stimulate themselves to feel more energy. Such causes include anxiety, stress, unresolved emotions, socially acceptable self-abuse activities, poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle, which all rob energy from the body. Socially acceptable forms of self-abuse, include sedentary lifestyles, drinking alcohol, drinking caffeine, consuming high sugar/high fat diets that help temporarily increase energy and dull inner pain but are unsustainable and health reducing over the longer term.

A self-saboteur is seemingly programmed to remain the same person, to act the same way and never really get ahead in life. They achieve the same things they always achieve, regardless of what they try. Most of the time the self-saboteur fals because they tried to make too big of a change, too soon.

Your desire for change is not under the microscope, you just need a better plan of attack.

Trying to balance the health and performance equation is a delicate chemistry of many factors, and there is little solid guidance for people who are trying to turn their life around and take a step-up into the exceptional level of health and then expand this outward and achieve their life goals with full energy and vigour.


Achievable Interventions


What could you achieve personally if you didn’t have to worry about figuring out what to do, you had a plan to work toward, and you had increasing levels of health and energy over a longer 3-5-year period?

Many people are scared of moving away from their self-sabotaging behaviours because they use them as an emotional crutch, to fill some missing void in their life, to escape pain or avoid facing their inner conflict.

I have for many years pondered what will actually make the difference in the quality of people’s lives, mine included. I believe less pain and suffering is an important factor, so part of this coaching process will involve techniques for healing mental, emotional and physical pain that people are avoiding or scared to face. I suffered all throughout my 20’s with debilitating pain and also depression, I know it all too well. Now in my 40’s, I have overcome it and I am feeling healthier and fitter than any time in my life. I found a large part of this process was internal but the whole healing process was wholistic across many elements of life.

Many people sabotage their lives in a constant quest to quell inner pain. Self-sabotage is simply an irrational attempt to suppress the symptoms because you have no plan on how to correct the causes of the pain you face. Simply having a plan, no matter how poorly placed, does a lot to reduce anxiety and stress. It’s a good place to start. You need to start authoring a better future for yourself if you want a better future.

I help you understand the internal factors and also the external factors that might be essentially “hypnotising” you to self-sabotage. Many people are not really in control of their choices, and social conditioning has programmed a lot of sub-conscious behaviours. I will work with to uncover these behaviours and replace them with positive habits through processes of replacement interventions and achievement stacking.


How the Program Works:

I look at your approach to health and fitness across different categories of the Couch to the Summit 10 Elements of Health philosophy.

You will be provided with an education booklet for each category helping to educate you on the rules I personally follow for each element. While aspects of my approach may not apply to your life, an example of an intervention that worked will still give you something to think about relating to how you want to approach each of these areas in your own life.

I believe that one of life's major lessons is learning to understand what makes us do what we do. My in-depth questionnaires on each of the 10 elements will help to reveal where you’re actively sabotaging in your own life. I look at multiple areas of your life including physical, mental and emotional aspects, along with dietary and lifestyle related areas. We will have a discussion about each element, how you approach it in your current lifestyle and things you might be able to do moving forward. I then create personal action plans designed to help you move forward. Incredible results do not go to the person who does one thing well, but rather they go to those people who do a multitude of small things well.  

My goal is to help train you to turn these health rules into positive habits through a slow incremental process of repetition I call Achievement Stacking. As your coach, I will help you transform your passions and your goals into an action plan of steps you can take on a monthly, weekly and daily basis to begin achieving them without overwhelming you. Excellent health and fitness won’t simply come from willpower alone, but achieving daily success. With positive momentum in your life, changes start to become easier to make, and most importantly, to stick.

1.    Self-Integration, Mental and Emotional Health 
The purpose of this category is to help you develop a positive attitude toward life, a healthful vision for the future, building a stronger sense of self-identity. Our approach will include purposeful interventions you can use to manage fear, stress, anxiety and unresolved emotions. We work to build greater levels of self-love, self-acceptance and release your fear of change.

2.    Organisation, Vision and Achievement Stacking
Designed to help you determine your overall health vision and goals, and then how to plan and take action with confidence. In this process I use various techniques and strategies for dealing with negative habits and addictions, procrastination and time management. Stress and anxiety are very health destroying and have been repeatedly shown in studies to be improved with a clear vision and purpose for your future.

3.    The Great Outdoors and Observing Nature’s Laws 
This step is to help you develop a positive relationship with nature. You will learn strategies on how to use nature’s laws to your own advantage, how to use nature to help heal and relax your body and also how to bring the healing advantages of nature into your own home space. There will also be information and advice on how to safely experience nature and overcome any fear you have relating to the great outdoors.

4.    Movement and Aerobic Training
This is designed to help you develop a healthier relationship with movement, activity and exercise. Exercise is a big stumbling block for many people wanting better health. It can be hard to find the time and motivation to be consistent. That is why it is important to start really small and then build. In society, most people are encouraged to start from zero and pay for an expensive gym membership and commitment - maybe personal training or even trying to run after years of never doing so. It's a pretty daunting transition. There is also great risk of injury from doing too much activity before the ligaments and tendons can handle the new loads. You should never try to run until you have a strong foundation from walking for example. I aim to transition your mindset away from dread, instead toward excitement when it comes to exercise. You will learn how you don’t need to beat your body into the ground, or spend countless hours, or hand your life over to the gym. All you need to know is what works and what doesn't work. I am here to help you navigate the sea of conflicting health and fitness advice. Aerobic training improves your health, your confidence and your sense of well being. Continuing load bearing exercise is very important as you age as well. The main focus is introducing a carefully designed walking, power-walking, Nordic hiking and potentially a running plan (or whatever form of activity you wish to do). Following a regular program teaches focus, commitment, determination, and more...

5.    Foundation and Structural Strength Training
The main focus is building a strong foundation with specific structural strengthening exercises. I mostly use functional bodyweight exercises but also compound weights where appropriate. Many people start weight-lifting programs and become injured. My philosophy is you should never add weight to a movement until you have mastered the movement without weight first. You should never progress to a weighted squat until you have mastered body weight squats first. We will do a number of tests to determine your strength and weaknesses and then you will follow a method of increasing strength using a incremental progression approach I have found very successful in my own training. I can progress you in this area with or without a gym membership or at-home weights. 

6.    Biomechanical Structural Balance, Integrity and Pain Management
Chronic pain prevents us from doing a lot of things in our lives, including movement. Sitting for long periods is the largest contributor to pain and injury. Many treatment programs do not pay enough attention to the significance of correcting the damage caused to the body by prolonged sedentary lifestyle and reversing the many imbalances and weaknesses caused by this lifestyle. Many people fail to make a health change because their body breaks down when they start an exercise program. If you have been sedentary for years and try to run, getting injured is almost a certainty due to the structural weaknesses at play from sitting. Most people quit when their body keeps breaking down on them. I spent 5 years overcoming injury when I first started running, and for the last 7 years I have been injury free despite years of extreme mountain adventures in that time. I can help you avoid this same fate, as I have experimented and discovered the best methods to treat the body to keep it injury free and fix biomechanical imbalances. There is also an emotional component to pain and tension in the body that is often missed by treatment experts in this area. I explore different techniques to help with your pain and we will aim to find one or more which help resolve your symptoms. You will learn how to treat muscle tightness and injuries and develop a bullet-proof body. This process helps you transition from sedentary to active with careful focus on correcting and eliminating pain and injury using my biotensegrity biomechanical correction program that also relieves tension throughout your body. During this process you run through movement checklists that determine your biomechanical issues and helps me build a treatment plan for you to overcome your pain and injuries.

7.    Toxic Load and Detoxification
A process designed to uncover what toxins you might be exposed to that are potentially having a negative impact on your health. We aim to make changes minimising your toxin exposure and strategies for detoxification using nutrition, herbs and supplements. I am to improve metabolism and your methylation pathways and overall energy and stamina.

8.    Weight Management, Diet, Nutrient Density and Mineralization
I used dietary interventions tailored to your specific nutritional philosophy (meat-eater, vegetarian, vegan etc…) rather than telling you what I think you should eat. As a high-performance athlete, I have experimented with all forms of diet over a long 15-year period. I have learned what works and what doesn’t and regardless of your approach, there is a lot in common for all diets. What matters most is ensuring you meet specific caloric, macronutrient and micronutrient requirements, and minimising your poor choices. What matters more is what you leave out than what you put in. By learning the principles of eating well that keep you energetic, you can then tailor the diet to your preferences. We look closely at replacement interventions so you still find comfort and joy in eating. I do not make you diet or under-eat even if weight-loss is your goal. The goal will be eating in a way that makes you lean, fit and strong…maintaining muscle-mass and eliminating unneeded body fat reserves and gives you the energy to be active each day.

9.    Timeout, Rest and Sleep
An all too often overlooked step, this process ensures you are taking care of yourself and giving your body adequate rest to stay healthy. We look at ways to heal and calm down the nervous system, manage your stress, channel your “red energy” such as anger into positive outlets.

10.    Social Support and Community
A process designed to ensure you are developing positive social relationships, identifying and avoiding negative energy people who bring you down, how to avoid peer pressure pulling you toward self-sabotage and so on…

It may seem a little overwhelming, so I have carefully designed the process so it won't overwhelm you or burning you out. You will make changes when you are truly ready for the change and we pull back when things become overwhelming. The important part is a continuous upward trajectory.

During the coaching process, we will have unlimited contact via email, phone or video chat, unlimited adjustments to your plan and on-going support as needed.

This program of lifestyle support can safely be used in adjunct to treatment with qualified medical professionals.


The Intended Outcomes


The goal will be to transition you on the path to the exceptional level of health and building a functional healthy active body. I believe we can achieve a lot together including:

•    A healthier relationship with your body.
•    A healthier relationship with exercise.
•    A leaner and stronger body.
•    Becoming a more courageous adventurous person.
•    Improved mental health.
•    Increase your passion for life and vision for the future. Helping you find more satisfaction and joy in your life.
•    Increased commitment, determination and mental acuity.
•    Overcome poor habits and addiction.

Don’t let your past failures, or perceived deficiencies hold you back. You can achieve great things. The choices you make today will determine what you will become in the future. 

If I could summarise all my health and fitness rules into one it would be: Invest in Yourself. You are the most powerful investment you will ever spend your time and money on, and the returns will be exponential years down the road if you just learn to be slowly consistent by building positive self-improving habits.

Please don’t feel afraid of working with me because you don’t feel you are capable enough or you find my fitness activities intimidating. I can help you with a transition plan that gets you healthy and moving so you can then move forward with whatever activities you are passionate about, with strength, stamina and energy. 

COST: Initial Fee: USD$350 for first month. On-going coaching USD $150/mth.* After 6 months reduced to USD $100/mth. After 12 months USD $50/mth.

* Minimum Three Month Committment

Other currencies and cryptocurrency accepted. Please contact me for rates.

Contact me at for more information or to get started.


Client Case Study

A 45-year-old woman with a prior 5-year earlier history of breast cancer mastectomy who was suffering severe abdominal pain. She underwent a pelvic ultrasound in October which revealed multiple ovarian cysts and other pelvic masses. She was referred to cancer agency oncologist following the ultrasound results. Client was ultimately diagnosed with the most severe form of Stage IV endometriosis, including ovarian cysts and fibroid masses.

Upon her diagnosis, she wanted assistance with lifestyle and nutritional support coaching in adjunct to her treatment with her qualified medical professionals. Some of the health interventions included but were not limited to:

•    Client was educated on techniques to reduce stress and anxiety relating to her health challenges. Client was encouraged to plan a vision for a better future, rather than worry she won’t have one.
•    Elimination of high-risk food products that could increase the blood levels of insulin-like growth factor (IGF), a possible risk factor for enhanced tumour growth. Provided some supporting evidence so she could make this decision of her own volition.
•    Elimination of daily cups of coffee. Client found this the hardest step mentally, but in her situation I felt it critical. Client used this as a mental crutch and couldn’t start the day without this morning ritual. We used a replacement strategy instead of elimination, using a caffeine free herbal coffee alternative and instead of full cream dairy, client was taught how to make her own hazelnut milk which gave a palatable taste similar to her coffee that she enjoyed.
•    Elimination of drinking tap water. Client was urged to purchase a specific type of water filter and filter all water that ended up in her body, including for use for cooking and for teas with filtered water.
•    Herbal detoxification and pain management with a focus on stimulating the stagnant lymphatic system and kidney elimination support. Client was given instructions to use a specific lymphatic and healing tea blend along with a pain-relieving calming tea. 
•    Introduction of a specific liposomal based vitamin supplementation protocol. Coaching on how to create the liposomes, dosing and how often to take. Liposomal encapsulation is a breakthrough technology helping to transport critical nutrients into your bloodstream and cells. Some vitamins are ordinarily difficult to absorb when taken orally, but encapsulated in double-layer spheres (liposomes) these nutrients more easily pass through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream.
•    Other supplements were recommended. Blood tests showed client was anaemic. Advice on how to increase her red blood cell counts was provided.
•    Client was advised to replace make-up products, soaps, dishwashing, laundry liquids containing unhealthful and potentially toxic ingredients and what to purchase instead. 
•    Implemented a dietary strategy to avoid certain foods, and meal planning for making own meals. Key focus was avoiding any lymphatic clogging and inflammatory foods and meeting adequate protein needs from whole foods. Client was also educated on what foods she must buy organic and what foods can get away with non-organic on a budget to minimise the toxic load on her body.
•    Created a low-intensity movement plan that involved hiking in her nearby outdoor forests. Client was educated on outdoor safety, instructional advice on route planning, what gear to wear to take and purchase.

1.    A health action plan where she could see increasing benefits helped her state of mind, especially her anxiety and stress.
2.    Client noted the supplements and teas were able to successfully take her off her pain medications. Upon temporarily stopping the supplemental support due to other life circumstances, the pain quickly returned, and went away again when she returned to the program. She reported being convinced that these interventions helped her pain.
3.    She noted her state of health, fitness and energy levels improved following our interventions
4.    Client proceeded with a full hysterectomy on advice of her cancer doctor. During surgery, a complete hysterectomy was avoided as one of the ovary’s was able to be saved.
5.    Post-operative biopsy of cysts and fibroids ended up being negative for cancer.
6.    Post-operative doctor’s notes revealed the ovarian cysts had shrunk in size by 2-3cm compared to the size noted in ultrasound taking 3 months earlier just prior to the start of our interventions.
7.    Client suffered no complications in recovery and recovered faster than expected.
8.    One year post operative. Client has slowly increased her activity levels, enjoys outdoor hiking every weekend, something she never previously considered or thought she would be doing. Client is performing foundation building weight bearing exercises and slowly increasing fitness and activity. Client has been able to continue being caffeine free with the replacement beverage strategy and other mental strategies were introduced. Client has moderated her consumption of sugary/fatty foods. Client has significantly reduced junk-food consumption and now enjoys making her own healthy meals following recipes provided during coaching that satiated her appetite for specific tastes.
9.    We also improved her pet dog’s health. Dog was rescue dog suffering psychological and behavioural issues. We took the dog off tap water, introducing only filtered water. We replaced less healthy dog treats with healthier ones. We implemented brief daily ball playing sessions, and weekend hikes so the dog could run around for several hours in the outdoors. All these interventions helped to successfully correct the dog’s poor behaviour. Dogs are just like humans, good food and water, exercise and nature help develop positive mental, emotional and physical health.