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About James

Hello and welcome to my website Couch to the Summit


My name is James Stewart. I'm a 40-year old avid nature enthusiast, adventurer, health and fitness advocate, photographer and vertical-focused mountain athlete.

I'm excited to share with you my vision for health success and creating a life filled with health and adventure.

I believe we are all capable of doing far more than we think we can. Reaching the summit is about breaking through the mental prison we lock ourselves in, but its very hard to take the first steps off the couch and get started on taking action. 

I am motivated to assist people of all ages and fitness levels to develop an active lifestyle allowing them to truly experience the gift of movement in nature.To me one of the most important components of living a fulfilled life is EXPERIENCES. The latest science shows humans are more removed from nature than ever before, and this is causing problematic health. People are understandably frightened of nature the more they become removed from it.

Let me help educate on how to safely experience the wonder of our beautiful planet.


I have 15 years experience in absorbing myself in the world of health and fitness. I have experimented with a variety of differing methods toward training the body to function at the highest level.

I truly believe to develop the most all-round fitness and health should feature a diverse focus on several elements including: Functional Bodyweight and Weight training, Stairs, Hiking/Running/Cycling in the Mountains. 

I am an experienced short distance vertical mountain and stair racer, medium distance skyrunning marathoner and ultra endurance athlete. I have raced all over the world in stair climbs, in vertical KM races, in the world's hardest trail marathon races and ultra-endurance events. You can see my sporting CV at the bottom of this page. While I am not gifted with the most elite level genetics, I have dedicated myself to working hard and building a consistent base of fitness without wearing myself out, while getting every inch out of performance I could achieve. My approach to fatigue is very considered, careful and science-based, having suffered the debilitating affects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome previously.

I have a keen interest in personal development and psychology. I research and write extensively on topics surrounding these fields, so my information is far broader than just fitness related advice.

I believe in a wholistic approach to health which encompasses all areas of life. The mind is just as important as the body, so too are our personal responsibilities and core values.

In my 20's and for period's in my early 30's, I suffered through problematic biomechanics and nearly every sports related injury including back stress fractures, chronic back pain, shattered knee cartiliage and more. Over the past 7 years, I have managed to develop a range of self treatment techniques that has allowed my body to become capable of sustaining large amounts of volume on steep vertical terrain. I am proud to say I have managed to stay injury free in this time. I believe I have valuable advice to share on how to correct poor biomechanics and self-treatment techniques that maintain an Injury Free Body.

My approach to nutrition is inclusive and sympathetic to personal preferences, understanding the principles of what works well for health and performance regardless of specific preferences (i.e. Vegan, vegetarian or meat-eater). I have experimented being all three at various periods of my life for long-periods.


One of my most treasured hobbies is photography, which I began because I was in so many beautiful places but it was hard to share the beauty of those places adequately. I use my photography as a way to show the beauty of nature and to inspire people to get outside and achieve more than they think they are capable of doing.

I don't believe fitness is something you have to struggle with and its important to find something you love to do so getting out and moving the body is something you do for fun because it is your passion, not a chore. I understand not everyone will be motivated by the same passions that I have, but many universal principles apply to health and fitness that I hope to inspire in people so they can find their own passion and way forward to health and adventure.


On this website I will be providing the following services:

1. Free Articles to help educate on health, adventure and fitness

2. I will be providing a variety of ebooks and products to purchase for more indepth information and tutorial. (Coming soon)

3. I provide coaching services to help you achieve your goals. Click here for more information.

I have travelled extensively and have experience in a variety of terrains including Australia, United States, the European Pyrenees & Alps, and Canada. Safety in the mountains is my number one priority and infrequently I find people unprepared and caught out due to inexperience, lack of knowledge and lack of correct clothing and equipment. A little knowledge and effort can go a long way to avoid something becoming a serious issue.

My photos have been featured by companies such as Salomon, Hoka One One, Cathay Pacific and Hillsound Equipment. If you would like to come on an adventure tour, I can add photography service as part of an additional package. I can also take engagement photos in the mountains, family photos and pet photography. Click here to see my animal photography portfolio.


Please find me on Instagram to view my Daily Adventure Photography:


I also have a Youtube Channel

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James' Athletic CV:


5th - Run Ridge Run - (25km / 1400m) Belcarra, Canada


3rd - Hallow's Eve Trail Marathon (42km / 1800m) Vancouver, Canada
July/August/September: Three months daily adventure photography hiking and trail running. Alps, Europe.
37th - BEI K3 (9km / 3000m) Susa, Italy
2nd - Multi Grouse Grind Challenge - 18 Grinds in 19 hours (beyond the previous record of 17) (48km / 14650m) North Vancouver, Canada [ Article ]
11th/500 - Seek the Peak (13km / 1300m) North Vancouver, Canada

Howe Sound Crest Trail North to South route - Fastest Known Time 5h32m (28km, 3000m) BC, Canada [ Article ] [ Video
June/July/August: Three months daily adventure photography hiking and trail running. Pyrenees and Alps, Europe.

14th/4000 – Taipei 101 Stair Race (90 floors) Taipei, Taiwan
12th – Grouse Grind Trail Race (2km / 800m) North Vancouver, Canada

13th/4000 – Taipei 101 Stair Race (90 floors) Taipei, Taiwan
Mt Fuji Summit 5hrs starting from 6 Chome Fujimi (23km / 3000m) Japan [ Video ]

1st – Crackenback Challenge (2km / 600m) Thredbo, Australia
3rd/1400 – Q1 Tower Stair Climb (77 floors) Gold Coast, Australia [ Video
2nd – Mt Bogong Conquestathon (20km / 1300m) Mt Bogong, Australia
15th – Buffalo Stampede Marathon (42km / 2900m) Bright, Australia
8th – Milla Vertical d’Areu (4km / 1600m) Areu, Spain
2nd – Verticale du Criou (4km / 1500m) Samoens, France
31st/400 – Sky Running European Championships Mont Blanc Vertical KM (3km / 1000m) Chamonix, France
21st/2500 – Mont Blanc Marathon (42km / 2900m) Chamonix, France
23rd – Vertical KM Val-d’Isère (2km / 1000m) Val-d’Isère, France
58th – Dolomites Vertical KM (2km / 1000m) Canazei, Italy
69th – Dolomites Sky Race (21km / 1900m) Canazei, Italy
18th – TPS Vertical K2 (7km / 2000m) Sainte-Foy-Tarantaise, France
31st/400 – Red Bull K3 (9km / 3000m) Susa, Italy
13th – Eureka Tower Stair Climb (88 floors) Melbourne, Australia

1st – La Sportiva Bon Accord Vertical KM (7km / 1300m) Harrietville, Australia
3rd – 2014 Verti-cool Black Mountain Ultimate Stair Climb Challenge - Canberra, Australia
9th – Bright 4 Peaks - 4 day Race - Bright, Australia
8th – Eureka Tower Stair Climb (88 floors) Melbourne, Australia
6th – Tour de Ridges Half Marathon (21km / 600m) Canberra, Australia

27th – Mont Blanc Vertical KM (3km / 1000m) Chamonix, France
55th/2500 – Mont Blanc Marathon (42km / 2700m) Chamonix, France
65th – Sky Running European Championships Dolomites Vertical KM (2km / 1000m) Canazei, Italy
99th – Dolomites Sky Race (21km / 1900m) Canazei, Italy
2nd – K2 Summit Half Marathon Auburn (21km / 700m) CA, USA

5th – ACT Mountain Running Championships (11km / 1000m) Mt Tennant, Australia

3rd – ACT Mountain Running Championships (Tidbinbilla, Australia)